Cool Ice Winter Color Inspiration Guide


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Want those show stopping rooms in your home? It’s easy and we can show you how to achieve them! Each month we will be releasing a color inspiration guide covering everything from theming, paint color, fabrics, flooring, and textures. For this months home interior color and style guide, we will be featuring our “Cool Ice” winter color guide to get inspired by the natural beauty of winter.

Even though we’re in Florida, theming a room in your home from the winter inspiration style guide will be perfect because the color pallet, materials, and textures are similar to some of the coastal style guides which will be going over summer time.


Color Theory

The main colors we are using is light blue and silver. Light blues promote healing, harmony, relaxation, and calmness. Using light blue in your home is great in places where the family commonly gathers as this color also promotes positive and quality conversation between family members. The best places to use this color palate in your home is the living room, office, bedroom, bathroom, or dining room. Places to avoid this color palate include playrooms, man caves, and the kitchen. Below is the color palate that we will be using. If you’d like to have your home professional painted to achieve any of these looks, Cornerstone Home Painting will be glad to assist you in any way.


Winter Color Pallet

winter color guide for interior painting


Matching Textures and accents

Once you’ve painted the room, it’s time to add textures and accents to finalize the overall look and aesthetic. We recommend using silver and glass to top the room off. Shiny surfaces help bring out the frozen aspects in this “cool ice” theme. Paisley fabric patterns are perfect, they can sometimes resemble snowflakes. Shiny fabrics also look great in this theme. For accents decorate with candles, glass vases and bowls, and white flower arrangements such as orchid or hydrangeas. Below are some rooms which have really utilized the cool ice theme.


blue and cream painted dining room
living room winter decorating ideas
beautiful living room inspiration
bathroom inspiration ideas


The best part of theming any room in your home is being experimental and involving the family to create not only a show stopping room that will make any family member, friend, or neighbor jealous but also a room that is full of love and memories. Check back in from month to month as we release more guides on interior house painting and style guides. Next month we will be covering grey home painting style guide. Check out our Get Inspired with Grey Colors blog now to view the next installment of our monthly color guide. Please contact Cornerstone Home Painting for free consultation services.