Tan Home Exterior Painting Guide


tan color ideas for exterior house painting


A fresh look at tan color pallets for exterior home painting. This week we’ve decided to break away from the normal interior color guide and instead bring you a color guide for your next home exterior painting project. In this tan color guide, we’ll discuss color palette, textures, matching accessories and as always we’ll show you examples of the best way to tie everything together.

We wanted to highlight the tan color pallet because it is a color typically found in nature. Because of this you can tie several natural elements into your home such as sandstone. Tan is a neutral color and is also conservative when used as an exterior house painting color. When tan color palettes are used on the exterior of a home, it can radiate with a calming emotion which can transform the space and make the home feel elegant. It pops with dark colors, reds, and whites.


Tan Exterior Color Pallet

Tan home exterior paint palett


Incorporating textures

Stucco and stone or stone-veneer textures help balance a tan home. Adding texture to your home is a great way to visually breakup the home and add focal points. The natural colors of stone really bring out any tan exterior home paint color scheme. Textured homes often add value to your home and help your home feel more elegant and refined. Below are some homes that incorporate the tan color scheme and also have stone or stone-veneer textures.


House painted tan with stone finish
Tan color scheme ideas to paint your home
Tan color palett ideas to paint your home exterior
home exterior painting using tan


Exterior Home Painting

While we do recommend having the exterior of your home painted by professionals, we will be discussing in the future the reason you want to choose a professional to paint the exterior of your home. If you are in Jacksonville, Fl and would like to get a free estimate for your exterior home painting project please call us at (904)303-5998. Remember as always to check back in every month for new ideas on color selection for both interior and exterior painting. Next month we will be looking at a spring color painting guide.