Preparing your home for winter


get your home ready for winter in florida

While our winters may be short, because we live in a humid environment with salt in the air, chilly days can still take a toll on your home. That’s why it’s so important to take preemptive measures and prepare your home for the winter days ahead, now. Below are some tips to help get your Florida home prepared for the winter by our Jacksonville Paint professionals.

Even though we’ll never face a winter like they do up north, due to our high humidity we’ll experience days of cold below 40 degrees with a windshield factor in the 30’s. This can cause snowfall and ice in some areas. Some of our common winter issues that can affect a home in the winter include: air leaks, water leaks, and faulty installation.


Pro Tips to help prepare your home:

Check the weather-stripping on all windows and doors. Weather-stripping is typically one of the last things we think about day-to-day, but it’s very important for a few reasons. In the winter, bugs are desperately trying to find ways into our homes to seek refuge from the cold. If your house isn’t properly sealed you might notice a winter infestation. Also, weather-stripping helps to stop the warm air from escaping which could raise your monthly power bill. This is why we stress the importance of checking the weather-stripping around your home and advise to make certain that your home is properly sealed off for the winter.

Avoid plumbing problems in freezing conditions. Make sure to remove outdoor water hoses, and set all indoor faucets to a drip during freeze conditions to avoid water leaks or burst pipes. During a freeze if water settles and turns into ice, it will expand. Once the water thaws back out, the damage caused can be irreversible and costly.

Protect your outdoor plants. it’s time to bring in all those potted plants and buy a foliage insulating sheets to protect sensitive tropical plants. We also recommend to top off your garden beds with a new layer of insulating mulch.

Have the roof and gutters checked. Have the roof inspected for missing or damaged shingles or rust spots on metal roofs. If you have a chimney, the chimney flashing should be checked. Lastly have the gutters checked for leaks, clogs, to make sure they are properly attached in place.

From all of us at Cornerstone Home painting we wish you and your family a safe and happy winter holiday season. Look forward to more pro tips by our professional home painting company in the future.