Interior House Painting Tips and Techniques


Paint your home like a professional


You’ve probably painted several rooms over the years, but haven’t really nailed a perfect paint job. Streaks, paint smears, paint splatters, and other paint misfortunes are common for the diy house painter. However, we take a lot of pride in what we do and our professionals home painters are happy to spill some tips and techniques to help you finally paint the way pros do. Interior house painting tips and techniques from the professionals at Cornerstone Home Painting Company.

1.) Clean surfaces and paint rollers before beginning a project.
Use swiffer or paper towels and clean walls from dust or debris. Use a tape to remove lent or dust from paint rollers. Having a clean walls and paint supplies will make for a better overall interior professional looking paint job.

2.) Protect objects that cant be removed from a room with plastic.
Anything that can’t be removed from a room, such as a toilet should be wrapped in plastic and taped to secure it from paint splashes or accidents that may occur while painting your home.

3.) New versus used paint supplies
It’s always recommended to start any home painting project with fresh paint supplies. However, if you must reuse old paint rollers, trim off the edges so that paint lines will be clean.

4.) Vaseline is great at preventing something from taking up paint
For all things that you do not want painted, such as screws or hinges, cover them with vaseline using a small paint brush and it will protect them from all unwanted paint.