Home Interior Paint guide using Greys


beautiful grey bedroom


How to incorporate grey colors in your home without them becoming overwhelming or feeling too dark. If you’ve been looking to make a statement in a particular room, but you’re not quite sure how, this grey home interior paint inspiration guide may be just what you’re looking for! In this grey home painting color inspiration guide we’ll be covering everything you need to make your room beautiful from fabrics to textures and even accessorizing.

When the color grey is typically used in a home or building it is done to create a sophisticated space. Grey has always been a timeless and neutral color. It is a color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. It is a very conservative color that can imply sleek and refined taste. Due to the duality of the colors black and white coming together grey is also highly symbolic of compromise. Because of the complexity of the color grey, some excellent rooms to use this color on include: the bedroom, livingroom, and kitchen. Grey is a fantastic bedroom color in the master bedroom as it can help transform the space into a place of peace and compromise which can help bring couples closer together. In the livingroom and kitchen the space can be set as a very elegant space for your guest and family.


Grey Interior Color Pallet

grey palatte home painting


Matching fabrics and upholsteries

If you are going for the refined and sophisticated look, we recommend using shear fabrics for curtains. Shiny fabrics and upholsteries will help the light reflect, breaking up some of the darkness and help create a glamorous look. For throws and rugs try faux furs or heavy knitted blankets.


Matching accessories

Once the room has been painted with your selected color grey, you’ll need to top it off with perfect matching accessories. For the living room we recommend candles, white lamps, and white flowers. For kitchens use a pop accent color such as yellow and decorate with lemons and fresh fruit. All kitchen appliances need to be stainless steel. Black and white framed photos or pictures with white flowers help bring the room together.


design your kitchen with grey colors
grey kitchen inspiration
using grey in the livingroom
grey bedroom color inspiration


Next months color style guide is going to be a little different. Because of the change of seasons we’re going to focus on exterior home painting and guides for painting the entire home. Please check back in next month for more home painting tips and decoration style guides from Jacksonville’s favorite professional painting company, Cornerstone Home Painting.