Get inspired with fall colors


autumn inspired living rooms


Now that fall is in the air, it’s time to get inspired with fall colors to revitalize your home with a warm color palette. Traditionally fall is associated with dark colors, but if you look at the changing of the colors of leaves, you’ll quickly notice all the beautiful colors fall has to bring such as oranges, yellows, greens, and reds. When we use these colors in conjunction with one another we can create a stunning space that’s great for any time of year. For decoration, use fabrics that are bright and colorful with vibrant patterns. We also recommend pairing these colors with dark woods such as cherry, oak, and mahogany.

Below is an example of fall colors you may use in your home. We recommend using fall colors primarily for interior design, however the light oranges and yellows make great exterior colors too. We’ll also show examples of interior house painting that use fall colors for your inspiration. These warm colors can create a space that’s romantic, or fun and full of energy. Request a free consultation with our color painting specialist who can help you pick out the perfect colors for your home painting project.


painting palette using fall colors


When you’re beginning a home improvement project, you always want to identify the main purpose of the room. For example, you want to create a space that’s fun for the family to spend quality time in, or you want to create a get away to quietly read a book or wind down from a demanding day. Once you’ve identified the purpose of the room it’s time to plan. Use reds and dark colors to set a romantic mood, bold oranges and yellows create energy, and greens allow you to feel peaceful. Pick the color that sets the tone of the mood you are trying to create. Don’t forget lighting is essential to setting a mood. Fall color palettes make great living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. The last tip for these fall colors is to pick out a quality brand of paint that will coat the walls evenly. Some of these colors look great with faux finishes. Here are some beautifully painted rooms that set a mood and utilize the fall colors perfectly.


fall inspired dining room
fall inspired bedroom
autumn inspired dining room
fall inspired living room


Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns until you get the desired affect. If at anytime you want a professional opinion, Cornerstone Home Painting would be happy to assist you in any way, just give us a call.