Jacksonville Garage Floor Coating

Cornerstone is a leading Jacksonville garage floor coating, and a Jacksonville epoxy garage flooring company. We use only the highest of quality with epoxy garage floor coatings that are industrial strength, easy to clean, beautiful, and stainless.

We offer various garage floor coating services from a simple two part epoxy garage flooring, to catalyzing industrial coatings that are 100% solids. We have heavy duty two part, and three part epoxies available to create a long lasting finish for your garage.

Our garage floor coating solutions provides for improved lighting, durability, safety, beauty, cleanliness, and of course increases the overall value of your property. Our solutions are tough, ready, and willing to stand up to the daily challenges of your work space. These floors are built to last for years, and they are designed to be resistant to chemical spills, dropped tools, and your everyday foot traffic.

Our epoxy garage flooring resists trapped bacteria, mold, and even mildew which makes it an easy to clean surface that is very sanitary. Our garage floor coating solutions will reduce the amount of dust that a typical concrete floor produces, it will prevent infiltrating moisture, and it is good for the environment.

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Jacksonville Epoxy Garage Flooring

Beautiful epoxy garage flooring that is durable, dust free, scratch resistant, and stands up against all the drops, scrapes, and chemical spills that tend to happen in an active garage. Epoxy garage flooring also helps enhance the lighting of your garage with its stunning reflective surface.